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KSI And Deji Put An End To Their Sibling Rivalry

After a highly criticized and publicized feud, brothers KSI and Deji have decided to put an end to the fighting.

It’s all love between brothers KSI and Deji after they showed fans that they squashed their beef on social media.  Deji aka ComedyShortsGamer linked an Instagram post onto his Twitter account with a caption that read “I love my bro.”

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I love my bro @ksi

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The photo appeared to be a recent flick of the two getting along.  On KSI’s page, a similar photo appears but he tags Deji and calls him a “prick.”

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Prick @comedygamer

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It’s safe to say that KSI has forgiven his little brother but he won’t be forgetting any time soon.  Over the past few weeks, Deji has been on a KSI smear campaign.  It all started when the YouTuber aired out KSI’s dirty laundry which allegedly included a pregnancy scandal, accusations of abuse, and claimed he abandoned his family for is friends.  Although KSI stayed pretty quiet, Deji had a lot to say.  Fellow vlogger KEEMStar accused Deji of faking the feud for subs and views because his stats weren’t as good as they used to be.  Following KEEM’s criticism, Deji’s numbers started to drop drastically which is conveniently around the time he decided it might be a good idea to put an end to all the drama.

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