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KSI & Deji’s Parents Forced To Speak Out After Unruly Fans Deface Their Property

The sibling rivalry between KSI and Deji got so bad that fans targeted their parents.

Although KSI and Deji are apparently working things out, fans still haven’t gotten the message.  Unfortunately, some overzealous fans have decided to involve the YouTube brother’s parents into the situation even further.  While their parents are trying their best to help the brothers solve their issues, they’ve been dealing with hate that’s made it difficult for them to leave their home.

“We are aware that they’ve had this beef between themselves.  They are talking [and] they are trying to solve it.  But what I really want you guys to do is stop the hate,” asks KSI and Deji’s mother.

In a video uploaded to YouTube titled “can you please stop this” the parents plead with fans not only to stop the madness but also to stop sending hate messages to their sons.

“It’s so bad now that we can’t go out of the house to go shopping,” their father shared. “When we go out, we get attacked.”

In the comment section of the video, users are alleging that Deji told his parents to make the video as a ploy to help him regain the large number of subscribers he’s lost since beginning the feud with his older brother.

According to Social Blade, the video isn’t helping at all because Deji is still losing subs at a rapid pace.

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