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KSI Is Going To Actually Fight This YouTuber!

Upload London went on this past weekend and in case you’ve never heard about it before, it’s basically a massive YouTube convention started by KSI.

During the event, it became clear an official fight is going to go down between two major YouTubers. KSI and Joe Weller have exchanged diss tracks recently, and it escalated when KSI claimed he stole Joe’s girlfriend on one of his recent tracks. The creators hosted a press conference to make the official announcement.

Joe showed up with a whole squad and KSI enters and begins rapping at Joe. After the music fades out, the two begin smack talking each other. KSI jokes he has way more subscribers than Joe, and has to settle with fighting him instead of someone larger. Things get heated throughout the event and have to be separated by security.

We can’t tell exactly how much of this beef is real and how much is bullshit, but Joe clearly gets agitated during the exchange when KSI makes a jab at mental disorders.

The fight is set to go down in February of 2018, and is likely fueled by the drive for a ton of media attention, which we are sure it will get.