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KSI Secretly Paid A YouTuber’s Rent To Save Him From Homelessness

KSI Secretly Paid A YouTuber’s Rent To Save Him From Homelessness.

Fans of KSI found out that there’s much more to the controversial vlogger than the drama that often surrounds him.  He was recently outed as a saint by fellow vlogger JaackMaate.  KSI made an appearance on Jaack’s Happy Hour podcast where he was confronted about a good deed he did for a friend.  KSI paid the rent of a YouTuber who was at risk of being homeless as a result of a bad break-up.

KSI seemed caught off guard that the host knew this information because he had kept the donation a secret.  But the recipient, a YouTuber named JT, is a friend and neighbor of JaackMaate’s.  JT wrote a letter to JaackMaate which went over exactly how helpful KSI had been with helping him secure a new pad.

“JJ asked why I hadn’t been online on the Xbox for a while which was a bit surreal to me, and I explained to him me and my ex had split up and that I was pretty much just sofa surfing and I told him that I couldn’t afford anything. ‘He replied, “find a place fam”.  Found a nice little house share, nothing too over the top but I could live.  Sure enough he asked me for my details and he hit me up with the deposit, the checks and about an extra month of rent.”

JT added that he will never forget what KSI did for him as he was about to give up right before the YouTuber stepped in.  JaackMaate was also moved by KSI’s actions and the fact that he didn’t boast about the good deed in a vlog for views.  Although he had previously not been a fan of KSI before, that has since changed.

‘The fact that no one knows about that…I don’t want this to be the Kiss Arse Hour,’ Jaack told KSI. ‘But fair play man.’

Check out the full video above!


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