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KSI & Shane Dawson Celebrate Reaching The 20 Million Subscriber Mark on YouTube

KSI & Shane Dawson Celebrate Reaching The 20 Million Subscriber Mark on YouTube.

KSI and Shane Dawson are proving that YouTuber’s are here to stay.  Both of the OG YouTuber’s recently reached 20 million subscribers on the streaming platform.  KSI expressed his excitement on Twitter with fans with a message that read “20 million subscribers oh yeah yeah.”

Over the course of KSI’s eight-year-long YouTube career, he’s been involved in his fair share of drama including his in and out of the ring beef with fellow vlogger Logan Paul.  He’s also been extremely kind like when he recently saved a YouTuber from being homeless.  But it the insane stunts and drama that has his fans hooked and keeps his subscriber count rising.

Meanwhile, YouTuber Shane Dawson uses a different tactic to stay on the top of the YouTube trending page.  He’s become famous for his docuseries which focuses on other popular influencers like Jeffree Star, Tana Mongeau, and Jake Paul.  The 30-year-old YouTuber celebrated this milestone with an insanely delicious looking cake, root beer, and his director Andrew Sawicki.

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having trouble processing all this love :,) ❤️

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He also took to social media to thank his fans for supporting him over the last decade.  He sent a sweet message to his boyfriend Ryland Adams as well.

Shane is currently working on his next project titled “Conspiracy Theories.”  So far he’s kept quiet on exactly what theories he will dive into but he did release a teaser trailer.


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