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Kurt Hugo Schneider’s ‘To The Beat’ Is Musician’s Playground!

Kurt Hugo Schneider has been making compelling cover songs on the internet for ten years. Now, with ‘To the Beat,’ he’s doing covers with the original stars for Go90, and he’s managing to make each song surprising. Check out the the trailer from Go90.

The show is perfectly suited to the talented Schneider. (Other fun Kurt facts: he’s a chess champion, and holds a mathematics degree. In other words, musician dream boy is also hella smart.)

‘To the Beat’ all about making his homegrown videos on a larger scale. In episode one, Schneider strips down a T Pain’s best love songs and proves that auto tune is not needed to make T Pain sound cool. In fact, with some man-made smoke, a piano, and a violin the rapper gets to look cooler than ever before. (It might not be trap, but it’s pretty dope.) Like most of Schneider’s covers, the T Pain medley is beautiful and surprising.

All episodes will be available on Go90, in the meantime, check out how Schneider transforms a car into a musical instrument.

Congrats, Kurt, the show is groovy, unexpected, and fun. We give ‘To the Beat’ ten out of ten likes. Catch new episodes on Go90’s website, or on your cellphone, and then catch yourself dancing to the beat.