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Did Lance Stewart Have Nudes Leaked On Snapchat?!

Prankster Lance Stewart is doing some damage control today.

The former Vine star who hails from New Jersey of all places is claiming his Snapchat was recently hacked. And the lead up to the supposed “hack” is hilarious.

The timeline goes like this:

  1. First he purchased an iPhone X, because he’s on top of his tech and has cash to burn.
  2. Unfortunately, he is also a T-Mobile user.
  3. He claims T-Mobile employees authorized a bunch of randoms on his SIM card, you know, like they do.
  4. Lance believes one of these unauthorized users then hacked his new phone.
  5. The hacker got onto his Snapchat and posted nude pics of Lance.
  6. But Lance says it’s totally not him, the hacker went out of his way to not use Lance’s nudes but posted a similar looking person’s nudes.
  7. Apparently hackers love posting other people’s nudie pics on the accounts they hack into.

It’s safe to say we’re not exactly buying this timeline. We’re guessing he did get hacked though, because someone posted to his Snapchat: “Lance Stewart cheated on his girl Lizzy.”

@MessyMonday gave the full receipts:

And fans are shook at what they saw:

Lance has regained access to his Snap, where he has now posted a new message saying those definitely weren’t his nudes, because his thumb is obviously different. We’re glad


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