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LaurDIY’s Onesie Disaster!

Yesterday the Queen of DIYs LaurDIY launched a very anticipated onesie line with Sleep Riot. She collaborated with Sleep Riot to put out 4 onesies, a Panda, a Unicorn, a Flamingo, and a Narwhal. She launched the site yesterday around 3 pm and almost immediately the site crashed!! All of the “pretty little laurs” were not happy about it! She was fielding tweet after tweet about the crashed site.

She even had to remind everyone that she was not a website creator, simply the mastermind behind the hit products

While some people were lucky enough to get their hands on the coveted onesie, many were not. As of posting, the website is still down and routes to their Amazon page. 

She later went on to post a series of  now deleted tweets expressing her disappointment with her business partners and their lack of support. She mentions that she will be working with another company soon. Luckily for her, the Amazon page seems to be doing well

We feel for Lauren! She seems genuinely upset and feels like her followers deserve more. Hopefully your next launch will be smoother! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.


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