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LaurDIY’s Plushies Sell Out In 25 Minutes!

Every bit of merch that LaurDIY drops seems to sell out instantly, and her new plushies are heading towards the same fate.

Yesterday, Lauren announced on her Twitter that she was dropping her plushies and that she wanted to give everyone on her feed a head start.

Remember that whole selling out thing we warned you about? Yea well, 25 minutes after the stuffed animals became available, thats exactly what happened.

It’s safe to say that they were pretty much an immediate hit, and tons of fans who were lucky enough to get their orders in tweeted out their excitement.

It wasn’t all fun and games though, and a lot of people brought up the fact that they couldn’t afford to get a plushie due to the shipping being too expensive.

Clearly, that still didn’t stop people from shelling out the money.

If you missed out on the initial drop, don’t worry, Lauren already restocked the site, so go grab one now while you still can!


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