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LaVar Ball Just Pulled LiAngelo From UCLA

LaVar Ball just pulled LiAngelo Ball out of UCLA, and it’s a brutal reminder to us that parents still have the final word in a lot of things.

Last month, LiAngelo found himself facing an indefinite suspension from playing basketball after a shoplifting incident in China, and it looks like LaVar is not having it, because as of today, LiAngelo is chilling at home away from UCLA.

After the charges were dropped and the students were allowed to head back home, LaVar felt that the school punishment was still too intense and that they were being treated more unfairly by the administration than by those who arrested LiAngelo in the first place.

LaVar has been quoted as saying that he’s going to “make [LiAngelo] way better for the draft [than] UCLA ever could have.”

While that’s a bold statement, we’re not necessarily arguing with him. Although his initial plan was to have each of his sons spend a year at UCLA before becoming eligible for the NBA draft, it’s clearly not gonna end up going down that way.

Overall, we think that LiAngelo will be just fine, and it doesn’t really make that much sense for him to sit around indefinitely on a team he’s suspended from anyway.


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