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Lilly Singh Announces New Upload Schedule For Her YouTube Channels

Lilly Singh Announces New Upload Schedule For Her YouTube Channels.

After taking a much-needed break from YouTube last November, Lilly Singh is back and better than ever!

“Can I just say I am happy.  I took a little bit of a breather and now I’m going to share some exciting updates and just like some clarity I’ve gotten in life and I wanna fill you in because you my people, my team, and I love you!”

The YouTuber is making a few updates to her channels regarding how and when she’ll be uploading new content.  She also shared that during her time off she reflected on what parts of being a YouTuber left her feeling the most fulfilled and promised to only pursue those aspects and upload quality content.  The changes are as follows:

1. For her main “Lilly Singh” channel – There will no longer be a set two times a week schedule.  She’ll only be dropping new content when she feels inspired or whenever she “has a dope idea.”

2. For her vlog channel – She promises to drop a new video once daily from Tuesday through Saturday.  This will consist of vlogs focusing on her journey and inspiring others to “hustle harder.”

3. Spice News – Lilly kinda-sorta promises to drop a new episode of Spice News every other week instead of once a week.

Although fans definitely need their triple dose of Lilly every single day, the YouTuber has been on the platform for over a decade so you can binge-watch her old content on her days off.  Plus, the new schedule will allow the YouTube veteran to focus on her well-being.  She also offers some advice that would be beneficial for any of the huge number of vloggers who are suffering from creator burnout.

“Fighting for your happiness is the most important thing that you will ever fight for and I want to practice what I preach so if you are in a funk or you feel like you need some clarity in life and you want to be happier — take a breather, take time, focus on yourself.  Only amazing things will come from it.”

Press play to see the full video above!


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