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Lilly Singh Is Bringing Us Some Insane Collabs For Christmas

Tis the season for YouTube collaborations you didn’t realize you needed until they were gifted to you.

At the helm of one of the most star studded series of collabs we’ve ever seen on YouTube is none other than Lilly Singh. Raise your hand if you’re surprised that we’re getting these glorious creations from her– no one? Yea us either.

In other words it only makes sense to us that Lilly would be the one providing such excellent content ranging from skits with Karlie Kloss and Nick Jonas all the way to Chelsea Handler.

Yea you read that right, some of the biggest stars are teaming up with the superwoman for her videos, which just goes to show that it pays to have friends in high places…and also that Lilly is probably just as chill in real life as she seems in her videos.

All of the videos are a part of Lilly’s #12CollabsofXmas series that she has going on for– you guessed it– Christmas.

Check out her newest video featuring Nick Jonas down below!


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