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‘Lipstick Empire’ Is Inspiring Story of Female Friendship

Stage 13 is launching all kinds of content and ‘Lipstick Empire’ is our favorite. The show follows Lora Arellano and Dana Bomar, co-founders and CEOs of Melt Cosmetics.

The Stage 13/ Warner Bros docu-drama gives an awesome behind the scenes look at two friends who met working at a make-up counter who followed their dreams of creating exciting lipstick colors that didn’t exist. The modest women thought they’d be selling the colors out of their purses, but it the business exploded and they sold out of their first run of colors.

These women are hustlers and their friendship and love for each other is palpable making the docu-drama a must-watch. The main tension is simply how do these two major successes balance everything in their lives. Really, it’s just refreshing to see two women in their element having fun. We give this series all the likes. If you’re a chick who loves watching vibrant women succeed, it’s a must-watch!