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“Liza On Demand” Is Youtube Red’s Biggest Hit

Liza Koshy’s new show about a young millennial navigating adulthood while relying solely on an on-demand job app to pay the bills was bound to blow up!

“Liza On Demand” is a hilarious new show where Koshy, alongside her roommates Oliver and Harlow, show the world what it’s really like trying to make it in Los Angeles as a 20-something-year-old.  The pilot starts off with Liza chauffeuring a bratty little kid who’s having a conversation that sounds like something straight off of @OverheardLA’s Instagram.

The scripted series is real AF for many of us young Angelinos.  Delivery and rideshare gigs have become a godsend when funds are low.  Instead of Lyft and Postmates, Liza books jobs through a fictional app called “Task It”.  She becomes obsessed with reaching ‘Elite’ status so she can gain access to more profitable gigs.  Unlike a lot of other shows that only show the glamorous side of life in “The Golden State”, “Liza On Demand” is so accurate it could be classified as a reality show.

Liza’s down to earth character and the show’s realistic premise paid off and made it an instant success!

If you haven’t checked out the series yet, you are truly missing out.  “Liza On Demand” drops a new 20-minute episode weekly and I haven’t missed an episode yet.  Head to Youtube to catch up on the series!

Take a look at the first episode below!


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