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Logan Paul Was Arrested In Rome!

Logan Paul was just arrested for what, ironically, might ultimately be the most benign reason for him to ever get in trouble.

Considering all that the Paul brothers have managed to get themselves into, it feels hilariously fitting that Logan would simply be arrested for flying a drone in a no fly area, but thats exactly what happened.

While on vacation in Rome, Italy, Logan and Jake thought to themselves, what can we do to make Rome look even cooler than everyone assumes it is? The answer: fly a drone over the Colosseum.

Turns out that the police in Rome don’t give a shit if you want your vlog to look super cool, they will still arrest you for breaking the law, something we’re sure baffled Jake especially, despite him not even being the one to get in trouble.

Luckily for Logan, he ultimately was released without having to face any major charges. And if you’re wondering whether or not he got any use out of that drone shot that got him into trouble in the first place- yes, yes he did.

Check out Logan Paul’s full vlog below where you can not only learn more about his arrest, but witness the drone shot for yourself.