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Logan Paul Gets Cozy With New GF Corinna Kopf During Basketball Game

Looks like male-only March might be canceled for YouTuber Logan Paul after he made his first public appearance with new girlfriend Corinna Kopf.

Logan Paul and Corinna Kopf were getting cozy as they sat courtside during a basketball game.  Fans had speculated that the two were dating after Logan posted a subliminal tweet about an unnamed “pretty” woman who was keeping him up at night.  Corinna had also tweeted a sub about an anonymous friend who she couldn’t stop thinking about around the same time that Logan’s tweet went live.

Corinna’s mentions blew up but she immediately denied the rumors and stated that she was single.

It might not seem headline worthy that Logan is dating a fellow YouTuber but in the past, Corinna has been very vocal about her disdain for her current boyfriend.  She publicly slammed him after the suicide forest scandal and now she’s being called a hypocrite.

Although Logan and Corinna haven’t confirmed anything, Logan’s editor Hayden Hillier-Smith responded to the backlash Corinna received for changing her tune when it comes to the controversial YouTuber.

“It’s like as if she’s seen a side to Logan that shows how sorry he is and works to be better, and she admires and is attracted to who he is now.  Shocking how we actively prevent people from changing their minds.  Time reveals change and those refusing change are the worst kinds of people,” shared Hayden.

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