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Logan Paul Is Making A Documentary Explaining The Suicide Forest Incident!

Logan Paul wants you to know what really happened!

During his biggest scandal thus far, Paul was allegedly banned from his YouTube Vlogging channel with over 17 million subscribers. Whether or not the ban really happened, Logan ceased posting any vlogs since May and focused on other projects like his Podcast Impaulsive and a Fortnite streaming channel on gaming portal Twitch.

However, Paul has recently been dabling back into his Vlog channel promoting his merchandize and his upcoming boxing match with YouTuber KSI in Manchester next month. To everyone’s surprise Logan will also be making a documentary explaining “all the stuff that went down in January.” Viewers and critics alike were left in shock when Paul actually uploaded footage from Japan’s “suicide forest” of a dead body hanging from a tree. In the documentary he will get into “where he was at in his life and the psyche of what actually happened, which includes my upbringing,” he says.

Filming will also include Logan’s visit to his old high school and a talk with his former wrestling coach. Watch the video teaser below which was dropped the same day as KSI announced his own documentary ‘Can’t Lose,’ his journey into boxing.

Are you curious as to what really happened? Will you be watching?


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