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Logan Paul Issues Another Bungee Jumping Challenge To Will Smith

Will Smith is being called out for the second time by a YouTuber to bungee jump from a helicopter over The Grand Canyon.

Logan Paul’s bungee jump challenge request to Will Smith would’ve been sick if Yes Theory hadn’t already pulled it off.  In celebration of the actor’s 50th birthday, he and members of Yes Theory bungee jumped out a helicopter over the Grand Canyon and lived to tell the tale in a YouTube vlog.

The original video currently has 18M views which led to Will being featured in the 2018 YouTube rewind, but that didn’t stop Logan from playing dumb when his cameraman shared that Yes Theory had pulled this stunt off months ago.

Logan and co. just had to face their fears without Will.  But it looked like they still had an awesome time on their own.  And the vlog is def worth the watch even without Will just too see someone in a XXXL dinosaur costume make the jump.


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