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Logan Paul and Jake Paul In Diss Track War: Love Triangle With Alissa Violet

Brothers Jake Paul and Logan Paul have begun an all out fraternal smack down in the form of diss tracks that they are rapidly throwing up on their YouTube Channels, and it might all be over a girl.

To catch you up to speed on the whole situation: Up until earlier this year, Jake Paul was dating fellow Vine star Alissa Violet. The pair broke up amid rumors of mutual cheating. To make matters more complicated, she apparently began seeing Jake’s brother, while also seeing Jake. Hey, at least the girl knows her type.

The drama that began with both guys chasing after the same girl has now been brewing for a few months and the brothers are in an all out war of words. It’s all available for your internet viewing pleasure so let’s take a look at what has gone down so far:

It seemed to have all started when Jake released his music video “It’s Everyday Bro” and hinted that Alissa was still hitting him up.

Then Jake Paul released this diss track aimed directly at Logan’s fans (the “Logang”).

What started out seemingly lighthearted is now beginning to blur the lines between “just joking” and actual digs toward each other. Logan Paul wasted no time in gearing up with a response video.

He first released a behind the scenes “diss track” vlog where it was revealed he shot at the same house that Jake shot “It’s Everyday Bro” and also explained his motivation in reacting in kind to Jake’s diss.

Logan now has released his own diss track that TrendingAllDay’s very own Sebastian A Guerra shot and co directed:

After Jake’s apparent apology video to his brother, it seems Logan decided to withhold a mysterious second verse in his diss track.

Right before the video cuts off, someone who looks suspiciously like Alissa Violet can be seen getting out of a car, and what we’re really wondering is if we’ll ever get a chance to see the rest of this track.

Considering that Logan seems to be withholding this due to the apology, we can only assume the second verse goes in hard, especially if Alissa pops up.

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  1. Wapafunha says:

    Alissa is in the second verse

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