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Logan Paul Is About To Record A Song With His Biggest Fan

Get ready world, there is a new YouTuber sensation on the rise and his name is Noah.


Logan Paul may have just found his true number one fan, and he’s not necessarily who you’d think he’d be. For starters, he’s ten years old, secondly, he already has quite the following of his own.

It took less than a week for this video of Noah to not only skyrocket him to viral fame, but to also gain the attention of his hero, the one and only, Logan Paul.

Paul took to twitter yesterday to let the world know that he had flown a fan out to Los Angeles to record a song with him, and you guessed it, that fan was Noah.

The vlog went on to document how the two spent their day together, which included a photoshoot as well as a a brainstorming sesh for what lyrics they could write to the music that Logan had already created for their upcoming hit.

“Are we gonna break the internet?”

Their new song is set to drop on Wednesday, and we couldn’t be more excited to see what the hell it’s gonna look like, let alone sound like.

Make sure to check out Logan Paul and Noah’s Los Angeles adventures in his video below!


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