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Logan Paul Is Making History On The Other Side Of The Globe!

Another week, another Logan Paul story!

This time, the setting is halfway across the globe! Logan flew to Dubai for “the biggest Meet & Greet in the world.” While we haven’t been able to confirm if it actually was the biggest ever, we can confirm shit was crazy! Based on footage from the event, it’s clear that at least within the Logang universe, history was made.

In true Logan Paul fashion, while the M&G may have been the main reason for going, Logan hasn’t missed the chance to live large while staying in the UAE. From traveling by private plane (is there any other way to travel?) to feeding a young lion to turning up at Base Dubai, there’s no denying Logan is living his best life.



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We’ve no idea what else Logan has planned for his trip abroad, but we’re on the edge of our seats waiting to see. Face it, when it comes to Logan Paul, you’re guaranteed an adventure!


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