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Logan Paul Speaks On His Ex-GF Chloe Bennet & Feud With David Dobrik

On the latest episode of the Impaulsive podcast, Logan Paul revealed what ruined his relationship with Chloe Bennet and shares why he feels dissed by fellow vlogger David Dobrik.

It seems Logan Paul may only be partially to blame for his recent split with ex-girlfriend Chloe Bennet.  He says most of the credit is due to his friend Mike Majlak.

“Mike is singlehandedly responsible for ruining my relationship,” Logan shares.

Mike turns to the episode’s guest, Josh Peck, and asks “what if you know it’s not the right f—–g relationship” which makes it sound like he’s owning up to Logan’s initial claim.  Josh agrees that situations like the one being described between Mike and Logan are tricky.  Mike does reveal that he thought Chloe was a great person but felt that the two just weren’t right for each other.

“I love that girl so much. I just don’t like them together. Love them separately, so much.”

In the same episode, Logan also brings up his feud with David Dobrik since Josh is a close friend of his.  Logan feels slighted by David because he hasn’t returned any of his calls or messages.  He’s also sent multiple invites for him to appear on the Impaulsive podcast but David’s left them all on read.

Josh offers up a suggestion that he hopes will repair the friendship.

“Hey, wondering where you’re at, boo.  I miss you in a big way. Really hoping to chop it up audio-style with you in the near future, comrade.”

So far, there’s no word on whether or not Logan and David have spoken.

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