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Some Fans Met Logan Paul This Weekend, But Not In A Fun Way

Logan Paul got into a car accident over the weekend, and to our extreme lack of surprise, he vlogged the entire experience.

First things first is that he is thankfully okay and sustained no serious injuries in the accident. The only casualty of the collision was his car, which he has expressed a lot of love for, so that’s unfortunate for him.

“I’m maintaining my calm because life is too short to get angry over material objects, it’s just a little disappointing.”

We think that’s probably the best outlook he could have had on the situation, especially considering that whenever there is a car accident, it’s always a win to walk away without any sort of major physical injury.

The accident occurred after Logan was hit by a driver who seemingly turned left out of a garage where it was a right turn only. Now this is where it gets cringy– after Logan and the woman both un-crunched their vehicles, he had to stay on the street with her and the police to go over all their information.

Normally, this would be an inconvenience to anyone, but considering that he is Logan Paul, it was even more uncomfortable once his fangirls noticed his presence and then stood by watching the whole thing go down.

Even more awkward was when Logan himself turned to the woman who hit his car and proceeded to ask her why she did it.

Clearly, the woman was not into the vlog life antics because she turned instead towards the police and decided to plea the fifth by essentially pretending that Logan wasn’t even there anymore.

The whole thing was incredibly awkward, but like we said before, we’re happy he didn’t get seriously injured.

Check out the full video of Logan Paul’s car accident down below!