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Logan Paul Tries To Explain His Lack Of Empathy For Others

Ever thought to yourself, why does Logan Paul lack such a real sense of empathy?!

Well, apparently there might be a scientific explanation, or at least according to a recent video Logan dropped titled, “I have holes in my brain…”

We aren’t kidding. In the vlog, Logan visits a doctor and undergoes a brain scan, the scan proceeds to show an old head injury affecting a spot in the brain that allows a person to connect with others, experience empathy, and a few other important human qualities.

What do you guys think? Are you buying that the trauma to Logan’s brain is an excuse for all his wild antics? We’ll let you be the judge.

The celebrity brain disorder specialist Dr. Daniel Amen who performed the scan asked Logan why he was looking to do the scan, to which Logan responded…wait for it…”I want to figure out why I’m so f*cked up.”

One thing that Logan shared with the doctor that we didn’t know was that he, in fact, has a titanium plate inside his head after an injury in middle school.

After the scan, Dr. Daniel Amen tells Logan that there are spaces that appeared within his brain that show Logan does have actual brain damage. (Quick sidebar, apparently this doctor’s methods have previously been brought into question)

The doctor continues to explain to Logan what the spaces mean, “You’re going to have trouble with focus, forethought, organization, planning, empathy, and learning from the mistakes you made.” Dr. Amen stresses to Logan it’s important that they fix the issue for him to live an optimal life. However, Logan seems to be a bit more concerned about his next boxing match…

We wanna know from you guys if you’re buying this! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 



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