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Who Is Logan Paul’s New Mystery Girl?

It looks like Logan Paul might already have a new girlfriend!

The infamous YouTuber has been spotted out and about with Jacquelyn Noelle lately, and we’re starting to think that they’re more than just friends.

Although Noelle has been featured in some of his recent vlogs, neither one of them have confirmed a relationship, or posted any sort of pictures together that would suggest they are dating.

Of course, that’s where the fans come in.

Jacquelyn has recently been being tagged in a seemingly endless number of paparazzi pictures featuring her and Logan getting suspiciously close in New York City, and that’s pretty much all it took to convince the world that they must be a couple.

This is some serious detective work though, because not only are these pictures being posted, but people are actually inspecting outfits and cross referencing with other pictures just to fully prove that the girl in the picture(s) really is Jacquelyn Noelle.

In the only way that people seem able to function anymore, everyone is either hating or loving this potential pairing.

It is worth noting though that Jacquelyn isn’t an entirely new addition to Logan’s life, and that she and both brothers have actually known each other for longer than some people realize.

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Again, neither Noelle or Paul have admitted to any sort of relationship between them, but we definitely think that this is a pairing to keep an eye on.

If your snooping side still isn’t totally satisfied, head on over to Jacquelyn Noelle’s Instagram account and click on her tagged pictures. Trust us, their fans aren’t letting anything slip by unnoticed.