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Big Baller Brand Debuts $495 Shoe

Lonzo Ball plays basketball for UCLA as a point guard, and he’s pretty damn good. In fact, he’s been awarded multiple honors, and led UCLA to an undefeated record as well as a national championship. As the NBA prepares for its draft on June 22, fans are curious to see where Lonzo lands.

As good as he is, he may have bitten off more than he can chew in deciding to venture off with a brand debut. With the help of his father, LaVar Ball, the Big Baller Brand unveiled the ZO2 shoe…and you can purchase a pair for $495.

That’s right, $495. Michael Jordan’s most expensive pair? $400. That’s making a pretty big statement. While Lonzo is busy playing ball, his father is out making sure the entire world knows who he and his son are.

A Lonzo Ball autographed pair is being sold for $995, and since Summer’s coming, you can grab your Lonzo sandals for $220.

The unveiling of Lonzo’s shoes comes after Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour all said they would not offer Lonzo a sponsorship deal.

It’s pretty ridiculous to think that a college basketball player, who has yet to enter the NBA and demonstrate his professional potential, is attempting to sell shoes for more than what a pair of Jordan’s cost.

Twitter reacted in the best way possible.

And of course, some words of wisdom from Shaquille O’Neal.


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