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Love Is In The Air For Keith Powers

There’s a video going around Instagram that looks like it’s finally confirmed what everyone has been hoping for a little while now– that Keith Powers and Ryan Destiny are in fact a couple.

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of tons of people going ‘awww’ all around the world.


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While you can’t actually make out Ryan’s full face in the video, it was enough to send all the hopefuls into a frenzy of excitement at the seeming confirmation of the relationship. You can even hear Keith calling her his ‘baby’ while they both walk down the street towards whoever is recording.

If that isn’t enough, then maybe all the pictures they’re posting together lately are.

Table For Two 💞⚓️

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Both stars have begun posting more and more pics together and have been pretty cute about their captions too.

We see them being all coupley there, and it’s pretty damn cute, so we really hope that they have a long and happy relationship.


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