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We’re Loving These New Amazing Influencer Beauty Collabs!

YouTube was recently blessed with two pretty epic collabs within the beauty Influencer community.

The first one was the adorable pairing of Manny MUA and LaurDIY where Manny glammed up the crafty YouTuber’s look with his insane makeup skills.

To make the whole thing extra fun, Lauren then uploaded a separate video to her channel where she attempted to do Manny’s makeup by recreating one of his crazier looks, and it didn’t go quite as planned.

We don’t think she did too badly though! It’s just hard to go up against someone whose whole career is makeup, you know?

It’s not just these guys coming together for a collaboration though, James Charles and Nikkie Tutorials also gifted us a banter filled makeup style swap, which is exactly what it sounds like. In the video, James and Nikkie swap makeup and styles to create looks that are specific to each other, and the end result is super cool.

We’re excited to see more style swaps on James’ channel! What a cool way of keeping makeup tutorials fresh.

Check out James and Nikkie in their video down below!


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