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‘Low Strung’ Is Tribute to Friendship and Chicago

‘Low-Strung’ shows the lives of creators and co-stars, Victoria Lee and Shervin Bain, through short stories that display their friendship while also showcasing life in Chicago. These two have a funny rapport that is infinitely watchable.

Check out our ‘Low Strung’ heroes as they journey through turning 30 while on acid, Halloween with a psychic, and how to figure out how to maintain a friendship with your drug dealer.

They both said they created the series because they want to be famous. (We admire their honesty.) The pair said the show is a combo of improv and scripted. They felt this was a great way to dip their toes into the industry and to showcase the city they love.

This binge-friendly series is indeed worth the watch!

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  1. Cap Lee says:

    Their passion to show the world what friendship is really like overrides all other issues.This is a strong statement, Chicago strong!

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