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Make-Up Your Mood Is the Moody Show We’ll Really Miss!

‘Make-Up Your Mood’ is a Snarled show created by Megan Toeynes to express your mood on your face with make-up! It’s also pretty great, and we are bummed to see it come to an end. That said, it sounds like Megan is going to remain very busy with with some more Snarled shows.

In the meantime, the month honoring Halloween is a great time to binge all the ‘Make-Up Your Moods’ and get to know Megan before she transfers to some more scary content.

If you want to learn more about personifying things like winter blues, feeling hangry, or feeling exhausted, this show is for your. That, or if you appreciate artistic and special effects make-up you will find yourself having watched ten episodes in half an hour and yes, you can thank us later– you have more “Make-Up Your Mood” to watch.

Happy feeling haunted… by make-up!


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