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This Man Wants to Start #UnFollowTrump Movement

Trump currently has 19.5 million followers on Twitter. Since the election and until today, he’s used the social platform to almost exclusively communicate with the press, and the people, but one man wants to change that, and motivate people to #UnFollowTrump.

Los Angeles comedian Micah Gordon is trying to get what some people on Twitter are already Tweeting, trending. Members of the press and other general Tweeters have been advocating for people to unfollow Trump before his inauguration. 





Gordon is trying to make the movement catch-on and organize it more than simply a hashtag that sometimes trends on Twitter, and Gordon may be onto something. According to a new survey, 64% of Americans want Trump to delete his Twitter account, and 71 percent of millennials surveyed want to see the account go. Gordon says of his efforts to organize:

“Donald Trump’s most powerful tool since before his campaign even started has been his Twitter account. He uses it to shape the conversation, to overwhelm the news cycle, and to undermine political discourse. So far, it has worked out for him pretty damn well. We must do everything we can to cut this line. That’s why it’s important to send a message with a mass unfollowing on January 19th at 2pm ET, and that’s why it’s important to vocally boycott any news organization that treats Trump’s tweets as News.”

Gordon has been reaching out to influential people and comedians with the hashtag and an original image to try to get the movement trending. Journalist Arye Dworken has had a similar idea. He’s even devoted his personal web page to the notion. Dworken is trying to keep a count of who is unfollowing, but hasn’t organized around a specific date like Gordon has:



Gordon says of the specific date:

“I’m not an activist or a social media expert. I think enough people, however, agree with the sentiment behind this movement to get it trending. Be sure to tweet with the hashtag #UnfollowTrump AND to change your profile photo to the #UnfollowTrump thumbnail. And then be sure to follow through by unfollowing Trump on Jan 19 at 2pm ET, and by boycotting news organizations that treat Trump’s tweets as News.”


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