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Sponsorship Rules On YouTube; Did Manny MUA Get Dropped?

In the world of YouTube, sponsorship is king.

It’s a hard fact for some to take in, but if you’re an influencer on YouTube, sponsors are gonna reach out to you to help send their brands.

For Manny MUA, whose genre is obviously make-up, these sponsorships are helpful not just for the brand, but for the youtuber himself.

Manny recently posted an unboxing vid where he mentions his “partnership” (another word for sponsor) with B E A U T Y L I S H . In a second part to the video, he also uses the setting spray Skindinavia, who was supposed to be another partner.

But in a snapchat video, Manny stated that after seeing part 1 of the unboxing free makeup beauty gurus get, Skindinavia dropped the sponsorship for whatever reason.

The snaps were then deleted. The YouTube video has been re-edited. But early viewers caught on quick.

We’re not sure why the sponsorship has been dropped, but we’re definitely sipping the tea.