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Markiplier Gets Robbed, Alex Lange Leaves Team 10 And More!

Happy Tuesday guys– It’s time for the December 5th episode of “Influencers Only”! Get ready for all the top breaking Influencer news we’ve got for you today.

Markiplier was unfortunately the victim of a robbery recently. He and others that he was with had multiple items stolen from their cars including laptops, credit cards and house keys.

Team 10 has lost another member, and this time it’s Alex Lange who’s calling it quits. The YouTuber says there’s no bad blood between him and the rest of the crew, but that he’s looking to move in a different direction with his content.

Elijah Daniel has called out Bryan Singer by saying that he is a predator. Not many are surprised by the accusation, and many are in fact wondering if more people will come forward.


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