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Markiplier Just Sang To Us…And We Might Be In Love

Markplier + Singing…WHOA.

The popular gaming YouTuber covered “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran, and we were pleasantly surprised. Plus, he was playing the guitar and his dog Chica was adorably sitting in the background.

This sounds like an amazing video already. We’re gonna warn you now, if you weren’t a fan of Markiplier before (and why wouldn’t you be) you’ll definitely feel the push to watch him based on his surprisingly good voice.

Mark gave a disclaimer, saying that even though it’s still a rough cover and he missed a few notes, it displays his honest voice and joy in music. There are no special audio effects, and we think his desire to improve is inspiring. If only every YouTuber were as genuine as Markiplier seems to be. If only…

Lowkey, it was great, so he didn’t need to give us any disclaimer! But we’re hoping he makes more fun videos for us to enjoy his voice, his guitar, and the adorable Chica.