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Marlon Wayans & Hannah Stocking Teach You How To Deal With A Heckler

You don’t have to be a comedian to enjoy this hilarious skit featuring Marlon Wayans and Hannah Stocking!

It’s hard to believe that the legendary Marlon Wayans has ever dealt with a heckler but he sure knows how to put them in their place.  In his ‘Dealing with a Heckler’ skit he heads to the stage at the comedy club for a set.  Upon noticing the room is nearly empty, Marlon addresses the one lone audience member.

He gets right into his routine but shortly after the audience member played by Hannah Stocking starts chiming him.  Mostly to shake her head at his jokes before he even gets them out.  She plays an animal loving social justice warrior who threatens to call PETA on the comedian for a dog joke!  But she crossed the line when she made a remark about his mother.

“Have you ever had an audience member and you just want to say, ‘Hey, can you shut the [f–k up]!”

That’s when all hell breaks loose and Marlon and Hannah teach us the most effective way to deal with a heckler.

Pless play above to watch the full skit.  For more videos from Marlon Wayans, head to his official YouTube page here!


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