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The Martinez Twins Just Dropped Their Diss Track Against Jake

All we want for Christmas this year is for diss tracks to stop existing, but it looks like that’s not gonna happen.

At first we were totally on the Martinez twins side with the whole Jake Paul drama, but with the drop of their new diss track aimed at the YouTuber, we’re finding ourselves completely over whatever issues they might have had with him.

The track titled ‘That’s My Lambo’ is a thousand times more tame compared to that of anything Jake or Logan have ever released, and is all about how they apparently still want their money back.

But if Jake were actually illegally withholding their money, we gotta wonder why they’re not taking some sort of legal action against him instead of dropping diss tracks on YouTube, you know?

The one thing that the twins had going for them when they left Team 10 was that they seemed sympathetic and like maybe they had just accidentally gotten caught up in the wrong scene, but that they weren’t your typical assholes who drove around in fancy ass cars just to show off how much money they had.

Now…well we’re not so sure. We don’t think this video did them any favors though.

Maybe we’ve just seen so many songs like these that it’s hard to impress us anymore, so let us know what you guys think. Was this Martinez twins video a good clap-back or a complete miss?

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  1. raiaclarke06@icloud.com says:

    It is good for the new diss track because it tells u what their feeling

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