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The Martinez Twins Bounce Team 10 Out Of Their Lives

Recently, the Martinez Twins (Ivan and Emilio) have been noticeably MIA from many of the Team 10 vlogs and were spending more and more time out of the group’s house.

Now we know why. The YouTube brothers, with over 3.7 million channel subscribers, uploaded a new vlog that laid out all the details. In the video, the twins explain that they have been bullied relentlessly by Jake Paul and the rest of Team 10.

Jake Paul flew them to LA and with stars in their eyes and hearts full of trust, they thought Jake was setting them up to be his best friends. But instead, Team 10 laughed at them “every single day.” And it continued for 8 months until now. They’ve got a message for Jake, and that message is “We’re not pussies… We’re awake now and we’re really pissed.” The twins continue by saying that Jake didn’t make them, their fans did.

After the video was released, fans took notice and so did Team 10, who quickly took to social media to explain their side of the story.


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