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‘Meanwhile in Finland’ Shows Why Dudesons Got YouTube Red Deal!

The Dudesons are on their way to YouTube Red next year. In the meantime you can binge watch ‘Meanwhile in Finland,’ and it’s pretty great. Think of these guys as the European heirs to ‘Jackass…’ with a little more class, and the same balls of steel.

The Dudesons actually collab’d with the Finnish government on the series to help promote the country to entrepreneurs and investors. It worked pretty well as the breathtaking series has garnered millions of views on YouTube… and now a YouTube Red deal for the brothers.

The upcoming YouTube Red series, Ultimate Expedition will chronicle eight as-yet-unnamed YouTubers with no previous mountain-climbing experience as they attempt to summit Mount Tocllaraju in Peru. Sounds pretty typical Dudesons to us– dangerous and captivating, and we can’t wait!


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