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Meechy Monroe Loses Her Battle Against Brain Cancer, Passes At 32

Meechy Monroe has passed at the young age of 32, after losing her battle with brain cancer.

The Youtuber rose to fame for tutorials demonstrating proper care and style tips for natural black hair.

Born Tameka Moore, Monroe launched her channel in 2010 after receiving a pretty bad haircut. She made the decision to cut off her hair and let it regrow without using any harsh chemicals. The chronicles of her journey, along with the hair styling videos, grew to over 50,000 subscribers and 3.5 million lifetime views.

In 2014, Monroe suffered multiple strokes and discovered she had aphasia – a brain disorder that disables you from understanding speech. Following a surgery, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Monroe shaved her head and donated it to Locks of Love, while still promoting her natural hair movement.

Fans raised $60,000 to help pay for Meechy’s medical bills as she didn’t have insurance.

Our condolences go out to Moore’s family, friends, and fans.