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Melanie Martinez Has Been Accused Of Sexual Assault

Melanie Martinez is the newest person in Hollywood to be accused of sexual assault.

The singer and former The Voice contestant was accused of molestation and rape by her ex-friend, Timothy Heller, in a lengthy post on Twitter.

In her post, Timothy gives a detailed account of how, for two nights, she repeatedly said no to Melanie’s sexual advances on her. On the second night, she said that Melanie ended up getting her high, and once again tried to assault her even when she said no, until eventually Timothy felt worn down and lay ‘in shock’ as Melanie raped her with a sex toy, and performed oral sex.

Since the news broke, pretty much everyone who previously supported her have begun to effectively boycott her music and express their disgust at her actions. Tags such as #themelaniemartinezpartyisover trended on Twitter for most of the day after the initial accusation, and if you scroll through Twitter long enough, you can even find videos of people throwing out her album and burning the cover.

Many are speaking out about how they hope Melanie is treated with the same ferocity as the men who have been accused of sexual assault are, and we couldn’t agree more. Luckily it seems that everyone is on the same page in that regard, except for the few rogue superfans who are still trying to defend her.

The accusation is bringing up different conversations surrounding consent, and what it really means. Many are using this as the prime example of showing that it’s not just about saying ‘no’, but also about saying ‘yes’.

Consent is sexy. We don’t know about you guys, but we’d definitely rather have someone enthusiastically let us know the wanna have sex with us than be uncomfortable in anyway.

We’re so over having to report on sexual assault cases in Hollywood, not because we want to silence the brave victims who have come forward, but because we hate that this sexual violence and assault is happening at all, let alone in such extreme numbers.

Get your shit together humanity.


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