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Meredith Foster Addresses Those Eating Disorder Rumors

Fans of Meredith Foster have been voicing their concerns for the Influencer so much so that she has felt the need to address them in her most recent vlog.


Over the past few months, fans of Foster have taken particular notice of her weight and physical appearance, which has made them concerned that she is getting too thin.

“You are the only person that knows how you feel inside. Nobody else can tell you how you feel inside.”

In a very emotional video, Foster decides that it’s time for her to ‘address the situation’ in regards to what people are saying about her body. Throughout the video, she references the ‘mean’ and ‘negative’ comments that have made her finally want say something, but many fans are saying that their words are not coming from a place of malice, but more so a place of concern.

“A lot of people in the comments say I look sickly, which is not ok to say to anybody.”

Many also rallied around Foster by pointing out that her defensive nature in the video is understandable regardless of if she is actually struggling with an eating disorder or not.

If she is not struggling with one, then of course it would be frustrating to constantly have people asking her about it, and if she is struggling, it would be very hard for her to admit to it.

Regardless of whether or not she decides to continue to address the comments, we truly hope that Meredith Foster is happy and healthy!

You can check out her video for yourself down below.