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Meredith Foster’s Friends Are Speaking Up About Her Health

It looks like Sierra Furtado, Teala Dunn and Eva Gutowski are finally addressing those Meredith Foster rumors…sort of.

Known as The Savage Squad, Furtado, Dunn, Foster and Gutowski have been more or less inseparable, so it makes sense that fans took notice that the girls have not been spending nearly as much time together lately. Coupled with the seemingly never ending rumors and concerns about Foster’s health, the questions regarding their friendships have been brewing for a while now.

This past weekend, both Furtado and Dunn released separate vlogs that were cryptically titled Addressing The Situation, where they both vaguely referred to Meredith, and the constant barrage of questions they’re been receiving about her.

“Every vlog I post is just thousands of comments about the situation. Like it never goes away.”

Of course, outside of actually confirming that there is a ‘situation’ to talk about, neither girl divulged further information, which ultimately ended up rubbing some people the wrong way.

Fans even went so far as to say that it seemed like both Furtado and Dunn were making light of the situation by laughing and talking about it, without actually going into the details of what was going on.

It is widely assumed that Foster is, unfortunately, suffering from an eating disorder. The accusations and concerns about the matter even pushed Foster herself to post her own video addressing the rumors, which mostly consisted of her explaining how terrible it is for her to read people consistently commenting about her weight.

After fans were dissatisfied with what Sierra and Teala had to say, Eva Gutowski popped in out of nowhere and commented on Furtado’s vlog doing her best to elaborate, while still being careful to not confirm or deny anything specifically.

It sure seems like secrets are slowly starting to come out, even with the girls remaining vague about it all.

After Gutowski posted her comment, many people were happy that she had finally addressed the rumors with the most definitive and honest voice yet, but still, some are wary about the way Furtado and Dunn are talking about their friend.

It is clear that Foster is going through a tough time, and we just hope that she comes out the other side of whatever it might be both happy and healthy.

It seems that she has a strong group of friends around her, so we just hope that The Savage Squad can continue to support and help her.