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Michael Weist Dropped His TanaCon Documentary & We Have All The Juicy Details

Although today every American’s primary focus should be voting, we pride ourselves on being multitasking ‘messy b—–s who live for drama’ like Joanne Prada so read ahead to get the scoop on Michael Weist’s TanaCon doc.

Tana Mongeau’s ex-business partner Michael Weist finally released his ‘official’ 90-minute TanaCon doc on YouTube.  While it’s mostly full of unedited footage featuring a slew of meetings, there are some juicy parts.  From the video, it’s clear that they are not fans of VidCon which makes sense since Tana ventured out on her own instead of partnering with the established event.  The YouTuber and Michael were initially in it for the long haul and had plans for a New York version before the LA event even kicked off.

“this could be a brand that lasts quite a while,” says Michael.

The duo also shows off a lack of business acumen by predicting profits of $400,000 but deciding against having creators who agree to headline sign contracts.  Still, Tana is sure that biggest names on social media will come whether or not they take legal precautions.

“Even if everything goes to shit and this convention blows up… Shane Dawson is still coming and supporting.”

The doc also shows that both still had hope even though the event got off to a terrible start.  Michael remarks that “some people are madder than others” but“it’s not that bad.”  The rest of the doc is filled with ideas to drum up anticipation and the cool factor, as well as a look into Tana’s expenses, and shots of screaming fans.  But be warned the doc ends on a cliffhanger and doesn’t show the true aftermath. But that’s what Shane Dawson’s version is for!

Press play above to see the full documentary and his us up @trendallday to let us know your thoughts!

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