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Exclusive Interview With The New Cast Of Club Mickey Mouse!

It’s about time for a new iteration of the Mickey Mouse Club to come our way and bring with it the next generation of upcoming Justin Timberlakes and Britney Spears.

And that’s exactly what has happened. The 62-year-old franchise has been revamped as ‘Club Mickey Mouse’ for 2017, complete with a lit new theme song and a bunch of new Mouseketeers. We sat down with this inspiring and totally talented new cast to see what they have in store for us with the new, all digital, series.

Watch and see what these 8 teens (Regan, Jenna, Ky, Gabe, Leanne, Brianna, Sean, and Big Will) have to say about filling these iconic Mouseketeer shoes, what skills they had to bring to the table, and what auditioning for Disney was like. Keep your eyes on CMM socials to catch all this crew’s content that will be shared their Instagram and Facebook.