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Exclusive Interview With Artist Mike Parisella Of Slime Sunday!

We love highlighting incredible artists at Trending All Day, and we were thrilled when surreallist Mike Parisella, the man behind popular Instagram Slime Sunday, agreed to an interview. Check out his feed and see for yourself why we love his work.

When and how did you first begin creating art and how has your process evolved into the bold pieces you create now?

I created an Instagram account roughly 3 or 4 years ago thanks to my friend. We were taking random pictures of trees at a local reservoir and he told me that he though I’d be into Instagram. Soon after, I discovered tons of iPhone apps that could be used to manipulate photos. From that point on I became obsessed. It became a daily ritual to create an image. Once I started to use my computer instead of my phone, my art really started to evolve and take off. 

Your goal is to make a new piece of art every day, have you found that to be easier over time to achieve or more difficult?

Definitely more difficult. At this point in my life, art is how I make a living, so a lot of my days are spent creating song release artwork for various labels. The time I have for personal art is only a few hours. As my art has evolved my images have become more complex and can be quite time consuming to create the effect i’m going for. The time limitations are what make it more difficult.

What’s currently a source of inspiration for you?

Lately I’ve been trying to refrain from looking at too much art. I feel like it can really start to f*ck with your style. I’ve been trying to develop new ideas, things I haven’t seen before. I saw this Picasso quote a couple years back: “Good artists copy, great artists steal”. A lot of what I did a few years back was based on replication. It’s a good way to learn but a terrible way to stand out. I’ve also always been heavily inspired by Skrillex. He was able to really make it apparent that a computer is the ultimate interface for art. 

What is your favorite creation you’ve made so far?

Probably this one:

A post shared by SLⓘME (@slimesunday) on

You have a pretty big audience on Instagram- how has that platform impacted your work and how you present your art?

New algorithms on multiple social media platforms have made it far more difficult for content to take off. When posting an image you really need exceptional content to capture the attention of your audience. The demand to make good art is also higher than ever. When I first created an Instagram account there was only a few IG artists so getting my content noticed was relatively simple. Now there are thousands. It’s extremely important that my content stands out consistently which in turn makes it that much harder to create quality art on a daily basis. I dig the challenge, its what makes it a fun game to play. 

Do you have a favorite editing app right now? How have digital tools changed in recent years?

Photoshop and Cinema 4d. Software is constantly getting that much better so if you have an idea theres no doubt you can find a way to create it. Because of the increasing complexity surrounding most software the learning curve can be pretty steep so its a major time investment. 

Is music always present while you’re creating and if so, what artists/songs are your go-tos?

Yes, pretty much. I’ve been listening to every Flume track possible. Kid’s a genius. I also like to discover new stuff as well so I will just let random playlists run for hours and collect the songs I like. My girlfriend has a really good taste in music and showed me this track the other day and its super dope:

And h
ere is another awesome song that came out of a random playlist discovery:

If you could collaborate with any person, living or dead, who would that be and why?

Right now FLUME!!!!!! I’m just blown away with his sound design and would love to work on some artwork for him.