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Millions Attend Marshmello’s Live Virtual Concert On ‘Fortnite’

Millions Attend Marshmello’s Live Virtual Concert On ‘Fortnite’.

DJ Marshmello hosted a visual concert on ‘Fortnite’ on Sunday.  Over 10 million people were in attendance.  Marshmello shared a short clip of the event on social media with fans.

Fortnite users who were logged on were able to choose a special game mode that transported them to Pleasant Park.  Once there, gamers were treated to a digital concert hosted by DJ Marshmello’s avatar and turntables.  Although most people were in awe and praised Marshmello for the show, there were some critics who brought up the fact that a virtual concert has been done before.  Minecraft hosted ‘Coalchella’ festival in 2018 but Marshmello’s event was still impressive.  The DJ responded to his haters on social media saying that he may not have been the first to put on a digital concert but he was the only one to have a “full interactive set where over 10 millions players got to play.”

The concert lasted 10 minutes and featured tons of stunts and an amazing set by DJ Marshmello himself.  He shared that the concert was about bringing people together in a fun and unique way.

Social media shared that Marshmello’s concert was even better than the Super Bowl half time performance which aired on the same day.

If you missed this the epic show, press play above to see the full concert that’s already been watched by over 13+ million people!


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