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Miranda Sings Gets the Man: Colleen and Erik Stocklin Confirm Relationship

Colleen Ballinger the star of the Netflix show “Haters Back Off” confirmed that she is indeed dating her co-star and love interest on the show Erik Stocklin.

On the show, Miranda is on a quest to become the next big digital superstar no matter what it takes. Patrick plays Miranda’s best friend who she is in love with but the feeling isn’t mutual…at least on the show.

Miranda tweeted a very clear and detailed message writing “No matter how many photos  or videos I post saying Erik and I are together all of the comments say “wait…are you guys dating???” See the full tweet below. With this message she is confirming that the photos and captions aren’t just for show kids, these two are happily dating. Aww Miranda’s dream came true, sorta.

Erik also took to social media to confirm the news in a simple and direct manner with a caption that reads “Dating.” In the photo Colleen and Erik are in their ‘Haters Back Off’ attire as Miranda seems to have just smooched a kiss on her bestie.

Although the Netflix show was cancelled after two seasons, Ballinger and Stocklin found one another.

What do you guys think about this couple? Are we here for it? Do you think they’ll be working together again? Comment below.



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