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Miranda Sings Sobs Over Leaked Diary

Despite Miranda Sings third season of her show Haters Back Off being a no go for Netflix, it looks like that’s not gonna be stopping her from continuing to release content away from the YouTube platform.

In a new video posted to her channel, Miranda tearfully explains that Simon and Schuster, the publishing company behind her first book titled Self Help, stole her diaries and decided to publish them as a complete book for the world to see.

With that being said, Miranda just announced the release of her second book ‘My Diarrhe‘, which is currently available for preorder!

In a hilariously clever way of wild self promotion, Miranda claims that she’s devastated that her diaries have been leaked and that she needs all her fans to preorder as many copies of the book as they can so that her haters don’t get their hands on them.

“Why couldn’t I have just had a sex tape?”

Colleen really does know how to sell a product, both as herself and her alter-ego.

Make sure to preorder ‘My Diarrhe‘ at the link above, which will officially be hitting shelves July 10th.

Check out the full announcement video down below, just be prepared for lots of tears.

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  1. Keanu says:

    Sooooooooooooooooo DRAMITIC COLLEN!!!

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