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If You Like Musical.ly You Will Like 'Misshaps'

Kristen Hancher of Musical.ly fames has her own new web series, ‘Misshaps.’ and newsflash, it’s pretty funny! Hancher has nearly 15 million followers on Musical.ly and almost 3.5 Instagram followers, so we are guessing this web series will be a major hit.


Hancher has been dubbed the new ‘I Love Lucy’ by many- quite the label to live up to! We aren’t sure she’s a major Lucy- she feels more like a super young Reese Witherspoon. Either way, Misshaps is a fast-paced fun romp made for an audience dealing with high school, love, and some majorly funny nicknames.

The show is produced by Brat, a new media company built alongside rising creators, this is the first original series to debut from the company. The second episode, ‘Party Hands’ does indeed show off Hancher’s gift for physical comedy.

We can majorly relate to the shows second episode ‘Party Hands.’  We’ve been there. Exactly. We found it SO relatable that we pledge to watch the rest of the series! We give this show nine “likes” out of “ten” and we’re glad Hancher’s finding success across multiple platforms!


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