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Is It Monday? That Means We’ve Got The Best In Music For You!

Don’t put on a sour face just yet, Music Monday is here and better than ever!

We’re sharing our favorite songs for this week and you know they’ll be bumpin at the Trending house all week! So what better way to start your Monday than with some dope ass music? After all, no one ever said Mondays were fun, but they can be if you’ve got a good playlist to set your day! Make sure you’re checking us out on the daily over on Spotify at TAD Radio! And if you miss the hottest in music, just catch us here every Monday!

1. Eminem – “Walk On Water”

2. CLAY – “Forgotten How To Fly”

3. Sigrid – “Strangers”

4. Remy Ma – “Wake Me Up” (feat. Lil Kim)

5. Empire of the Sun – “On Our Way Home”

Happy Music Monday y’all!


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